Werner Hornung

Werner Hornung

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Username * brainforest
Country * France
City Paris
Nationality german


Availability: Freelance
Website www.artmajeur.com/whornung


...It was 1993 when I started scanning pieces of my earlier handmade collages and enhancing them in Photoshop were the first steps to become aquainted with computers.
That way creative power could be put into the service of creating delirous assemblages, kind of poetical nausea of images.

By enlarging my "paintings" there might be pieces with smaller and bigger pixelation. I like that.That's just like some different kind of brush stroke for the traditional painter.
In many of my pieces accident is the nucleus of visual propagation with multidirectional trajectories.Like an unpredictable game where each random move generates a new relational order and a new sub context on the whole.
The game only ends when you don't surprise anymore playing it.

The goal of this kind of "realism" is to recreate or deconstruct something in a most precise way. Let figures dance a choreography of disaster, a convulsive ballet of which a predominant delight seems to vouch: the splendour of their collisions and turbulent transfigurations, unpredictable effects of aleatory causes.

You might call this Photomanipulation but in my opinion it's just another way of painting.
My art should be like telling a story, to create adventures and feelings and it's not about the tools used to make it. It's about one's skill to manipulate composition, form, rhythm.

"The way digital Art is still overlooked by the Fine Arts world might be based simply on an attitude they held toward a new tool they did not understand." J.D.Jarvis wrote this 2004 in an article.
Throughout history technology provided artists with new tools. So what?
It reminds me the story of the blind and the deaf playing music together:
"Are people dancing already?" the blind is asking -"Why" answers the deaf, "Are we playing already?"
Well, we are working on answering that question.

During the last 4 years I spent all of my time creating images and for the first time "outed myself with my work, mostly on the net. Today I'm still trying to make a living out of it.

One of the many things I learned during those years: the most important software is situated at the right side of your brain and called INSPIRATION.

Werner Hornung
Paris 2006


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